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About Us

And About You

If you take a bunch of creatives that have worked on many different marketing and advertising campaigns, for many different industries, and combine them with creative car dealership advertising gurus, who have made many, many high definition car dealer commercials — you get one heck of a chunk of marketing know-how (that would be the us part).

Farris Marketing joined with AVP Digital, Inc. years ago to become “”  — a group of marketing and advertising people that can do and say the right things in a car dealer TV spot that will get attention, get results and make money for the client (that would be the YOU part!).

So it’s US and YOU in this, and we plan to do the job needed to make YOUR car dealership money — after all, that’s why you and I are in business — right?

Let us help you with your next high definition TV commercials or website videos — you’ll love the results!